The intersection of art and interactive software is extremely new. For the past 30 years, this space has been dominated by videogames, a form of entertainment that relies heavily on commercial success. The result is a slew of formulaic games aimed at a lowest-comment denominator audience – works which fail to engage with important aspects of contemporary culture, such as politics, sexuality, language, social justice or the environment.

SCREENS is an online gallery for art interactives, modeled on the practice of fine art galleries in the physical world and taking advantage of digital distribution. SCREENS promotes the growth and maturity of this emerging artform by commissioning new work, displaying artwork in a professional way, engaging a broad audience and fostering critical discussion.

SCREENS is a project created and curated by Luke Munn and Jeff Nusz, with major support from Creative New Zealand.

Luke Munn
Interactive designer with over 10 years experience for a range of commercial clients (Nike, Schweppes, Greenpeace, HP) and arts clients (ARTSPACE, Newcall Gallery, Gambia Castle, and The EDGE) in New Zealand, Australia, and the US. Projects include sites, games, exhibitions, animation, and social widgets. In addition, he’s worked as Online Curator for Window, commissioning a range of work from NZ and international artists, curating, publicising, and providing technical support to ensure standout shows over a 2 year period, with 12,000+ visitors from 127 countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East.

Jeff Nusz
Jeff Nusz is a freelance interactive developer and game designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has won design awards for his work at Oktobor and personal game projects including “Sprout” and “Anika’s Odyssey.” Jeff is interested in the possibilities of “interactive” as an artistic medium, much like film, novels, photography or painting. Like the early days of those well established mediums (when paint pigmentation was alchemy and developing a photograph required a PhD in chemistry), early digital artists have faced serious technological hurdles. Through the Screens projects, Jeff collaborates with established non-digital artists to help them overcome these hurdles and create interactive pieces that embody the approach, interests and aesthetics of their analogue practice.

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