a local hardware store…
the flickering screen lights up…
we can see a man….very pale
as far as we can see…
sometimes we hear voices and the sound of small change
he bends over us…we can smell blue ocean
“what do you want?”
the commercial break fades…
…white noise of the film leader…little imprints on the soundtrack
…more noticeable each time…leaving new marks on these 10 seconds -
before the very first light.

[partial notes from memory as documentation, LM]

Collective Blind Spot RGB was a temporary performative work from Boris Dornbusch for Screens, involving the loud reading of a screenplay based upon a popular Hollywood motion picture.

Viewers from around the world tuned in on Sunday, 30 January, 2011 at 9pm in Berlin, 3pm in New York and 9am Auckland. The work was both activated and made complete by its viewers, and will largely disappear after their engagement.

Boris Dornbusch often engages with found situations based on a social or environmental context that he alters, creating both concrete and ephemeral reactions. Slow Change (2009) for example, is a framed photograph of a digital frame displaying a photograph of a hand embossed with the fading impression of three coins of unknown currency.

Deriving from traditions in photo-conceptualism, performance, and object-based installation art, these works draw on a wide range of materials and formal references, and are informed by an interest in exploring the principles of social settings, the readymade and recycling. This often creates humorous and complex scenarios from the simple, everyday means. There is always a link in his works between the materiality and the subject discussed, resulting in a semantic play between titles, imagery and media. Reflecting on things from an often overlooked urban surrounding like braille plates in elevators, Dornbusch’s work makes visible the poetry of chance connections, moods and paradoxes.

Boris Dornbusch lives and works in Berlin and Auckland.


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