New forms. New mediums. New stories.

SCREENS is commissioning 6 new-media works over the next six months, working with a range of artists, whether experienced in the medium or not, to create interactive art works which provoke, inspire, and innovate.

Fascinating or banal, somber or superficial, we’re hoping each piece offers something new, unexpected – perhaps even unwanted from some of the more challenging work.

This hybrid field of art, interactivity, and new media is largely unexplored – providing opportunity for dialogue with uncharted areas such as politics, sexuality, social justice, language, the environment, and others.

SCREENS seeks to remove both commercial and technical barriers for these commissions: providing a honorarium to each artist, and working with each artist in technical and production roles as much as needed, to ensure a functional, accessible work.

Please e-mail us with your proposal, making sure to include the following:

  • Name and contact details
  • Artist bio
  • Project overview
  • Project details and rough time-frame
  • Level of production support required by SCREENS
  • Related works, website, or other helpful references

Note: Please don’t include large photo, video, or sound files (>10MB) in your e-mail. Please ensure attachments are sent in accessible formats, such as Acrobat (PDF) or Rich Text (RTF) – no Microsoft Word files. Please don’t provide links via file-sharing services, such as YouSendIt.

SCREENS provides online promotion for the work, through an e-mail list, Twitter account, Facebook page, and ability for users to Digg pages. Other news avenues for promotion include We Make Money Not Art, Boing Boing, Gamasutra, Wired, The Big Idea, nettime-announce, ADA, Rhizome, and Eye Contact Forum.

SCREENS will provide a discussion forum around each work, allowing international communities to reflect, critique, and discuss each online artwork.

SCREENS provides a honorarium to each artist in the amount of $1000 NZD, in recognition of their work and creativity, via a grant from Creative New Zealand.

SCREENS works with each artist, providing technical support and additional production help as required, to help ensure the work is functional, accessible, and debuts on time.

SCREENS is a local and international showcase for culturally diverse content, exposing New Zealanders’ diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds (including Maori and Pasifika artists) to a global audience.

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