Choose the right infrared heater for 2020

Nowadays you can find good promotions online for infrared heaters. The welcome offers available can be claimed without registration. Our top list is very useful if you want to find the best-infrared heater fast. Whether you choose to pay with Interac or by credit card, you will be warm on your patio or balcony this winter! Today\'s heaters are energy efficient, and we help you find the very best one for your needs!



Opranic Infrared Heat Nova 2300W

Many new models of infrared heaters have been launched in the past year. The Opranic Infrared Heat Nova 2300W is one of the best on the New Zealander market and will fit well in your summer cottage, in your basement or even on your balcony. Versatile!

Opranic Infrared Heat Nova 2300W has a durable aluminum body that does not rust and has the IP34 certification. This infrared heater can handle almost any weather without getting damaged. This model also keeps the electricity costs down, you can get warm and cozy whenever you need since this is a hassle-free product!

The Opranic Infrared Heat Nova 2300W is available at an excellent price at the moment. The offer is one of the best when compared to the other ones currently running in the market. So it is very advantageous to invest in your infrared heater right now! No account is needed to enjoy this interesting offer.


Veito Blade S Black 2000W

The Veito Blade S Black is an advanced infrared heater that has become many cafés and restaurants’ favourite. The model is from a trusted manufacturer and ranks high compared with other heaters in the same price range. It is perfect for a country like New Zealand!

The heater is designed for an area of 25 square meters and you can choose from four different power modes depending on the degree of warmth you wish. These are two of the reasons why Veito Blade S Black features in our reviews as a top heater. It is also very safe to use.

Although you do not have to register to buy your Veito Blade S Black, if you do, upon registration you will get notified of other interesting offers, for example on other outdoor products. The deliveries are fast and if you order yours today, you will be cozy and warm before the winter kicks in completely!


Hortus 211-352

The Hortus 211-352 is an infrared heater that mounts on a wall and is a safer alternative to standing models that have the risk of falling over. Especially in houses with children, this has been a favourite since the beginning of 2020.

The model is equipped with a 1500W Golden Tube which is estimated to have a burning time of at least 5,000 hours. As much as 92% of the electricity consumed is converted to heat, which makes the Hortus 211-352 an environmentally friendly model. With this infrared heater you heat up a terrace fast! It is one of the best models available in the New Zealander market in 2020.

Order it online and you can enjoy it during early spring or late autumn. If your model is not available straight away, why not pre-order it since no pre-deposit will be asked from you! You can sit three meters from the unit and still enjoy comfortable warmth!